We would love to have you join our team!  Go to to sign up today.

You can reach out to our Local District Coordinator directly.  Contact Ed K at 713-248-2661 or TaxaideTX3D5@gmail.comTraining will be provided, so no prior tax experience is necessary—just a willingness to help.

Join our kick-off for New Volunteers:  

Wednesday, December 6, 2023.  

10:00am - 12:00pm

Webster Recreation Center.    

311 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Webster, TX

We are looking for compassionate and friendly individuals to join our volunteer team. We'll provide the training and support to help you learn new skills, and you'll get a great feeling from helping those in need. 

Volunteers fill a variety of roles: 

+ Counselors work with taxpayers directly by filling out tax returns. If you have no previous experience, you'll get the training and IRS certification you need.

+ Client Facilitators welcome taxpayers, help organize their paperwork, and manage the overall flow of service. 

+ Technology Coordinators manage computer equipment, ensure taxpayer data is secure, and provide technical assistance to volunteers. 

+ Leadership and Administrative volunteers make sure program operations run smoothly, manage volunteers, and maintain quality control. 

+ Communications Coordinators promote the program to prospective volunteers and taxpayers. 

+ Speak a second language? We have a big demand for bilingual speakers in all roles, especially dedicated interpreters who can assist other volunteers. 

See a site in action!  Check out the videos below. The videos were produced by the Pasadena Channel for the Pasadena Library TaxAide site for the prior 2 years.

We asked our volunteers in TX3 D5 why they come back year after year.  Here's what a few of them told us:

"I'm an engineer, so the initial attraction was the challenge of learning tax law.  I like that taxes are seasonal, so I work 3 months then do other things the rest of the year.  I'm normally quiet, but I enjoy talking to the clients.  They are all very appreciative.  I helped a WWII vetern a few years ago.  He served on a submarine in the Pacfic and told me war stories while I helped him.  He fought a war for his country, but he kept thanking me for the 30 minutes I spent working on his tax return."  Arnold G - Texas 3 Tax-Aide volunteer.

"I heard about Tax-Aide first from a friend who had done it.  He shared several client interactions, then he described the deep personal gratification he felt from helping those in needs with this service.  I volunteer because he was right about the personal gratifiction and also because of then enjoyment of working with the other volunteers."  Spencer T -  Texas 3 District 5 Tax-Aide volunteer.

"Looking for something challenging to do after the kids went to college, I decided to work with Tax-Aide because the schedule was flexible.  There are many clients who are totally paralyzed by the thought of filing taxes.  I find it extremely gratifying to be able to give them peace of mind by helping them create their tax return".  Debra P  -  Texas 3 District 5 Tax-Aide volunteer.

"I really enjoy explaining the ins and outs of the tax return to tax payers in ways they can understand, and I consider doing taxes a hobby.  Our clients are wonderful to work with.  I once said jokingly to a client, after a very busy tax day, 'I need a drink', and we all laughed of course.  15 minutes later the client, a retired school teacher, returned with a brown paper bag which he thrust into my hands.  I said, of course, I couldn't accept any gifts.  And he said 'Sure you can!' and walked out!  - Brian K - Texas 3 District 5 Tax-Aide volunteer.

"By far the biggest reason I return as a volunteer year after year to the Tax-Aide program is the feeling of genuinely helping people who need help.  Getting every last dollar, credit or tax advantage for our clients is, for me, like winning the lottery.  Our clients are truly grateful, and it is so satisfying to provide help where others need it."  Neto R - Texas 3 District 5 Tax-Aide volunteer.

"I've volunteered in Galveston for about 20 years. Each year provides experiences, stories, and laughs about how terrific clients and coworker's lives are. The clients need and greatly appreciate our services; they return year after year. What I learn from fellow counselors, many who have worked for IRS, makes me a better tax preparer at TaxAide and at home" . Terry P - Texas 3 District 5 Tax-Aide volunteer.